Advanced English Fluency course

This module has been designed to help students to become master in english Communication. Intensive training of this module would help students to improve their personality & also develop their public Speaking Skill.

Courses Content

Advanced word power helps individuals to build and improve their vocabulary. Students would now be taught advanced vocabulary. This helps students in using the new power words effectively.

This topic Includes types of nouns, adverbs, various tenses, etc. It would assist individuals to become fluent speakers of the English language. Students would learn how to converse through role plays and debates.

One’s ideas could be expressed more clearly and vividly using appropriate phrases. Idioms & phrases enhance flavor in English communication. Students get initiated to the usage of various idioms and phrases used in English language.

Many students find it difficult to pronounce English word correctly due to heavy mother tongue influence. This topic enables one to neutralize their accent and improve pronunciation. This course also aims at providing the right articulation and inculcating a neutral accent for free flowing communication.

This Course specializes in enabling people to communicate more powerfully. This covers group discussion and extempore speech etc on a variety of topics. This is customised programme according to student’s objective.

This is a course for overall grooming of one’s personality. Often people have a knowledge of English but aren’t aware of the right etiquette to execute it. This course enables students to improve confidence & personality & present themselves in a pleasing manner in different social situations.